Why in the World Am I Learning Outdated Code?! I’ll tell you.

ImageFor the past several months I’ve been learning the basics of HTML and CSS. From making ordered lists to reworking cells, I’ve gained an intense amount of information that seems to be of some use to an aspiring web designer and developer like me. However, with HTML5 and CSS3 quickly gaining more speed and acceptance by the web’s governing bodies, it would seem that my coursework will be positioning me for failure as the HTML and CSS code that I’ve learned will not even be in practice soon.

So for people like me that are in the early stages of their journey to understand web design and development—should we continue with the other soon-to-be-outdated code like XHTML and CSS2 when there is a very good chance that it too will no longer be of use in the near future? While I’m no expert, I believe that laying down a solid foundation is the key to success in learning new skills or gaining knowledge.

ImageWhile some of the code may be out of use by the time we become full-fledged web developers, I believe learning what other, more successful coders learned is a wise path to follow. It doesn’t hurt to learn the basics and build on it! That said, I’m not looking forward to learning several versions of HTML and CSS just because of the time consuming, mind-numbing process of it. And knowing my luck, by the time I get caught up to HTML5 and CSS3, the latest versions of the code–HTML6 and CSS4–will be on the horizon!