Final Blog Post for Class! Coming Full Circle

My first post for this class-related blog was about what came to mind when I though of “good design”. Now that I’ve completed a class in web design, I’m apparently in some kind of position to better tell you what product comes to mind and actually have some validity. Well I did learn a lot during the course of four months so here it goes! I’d say the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a well-designed product would be any number of Apple’s products. From packaging to instructions to software to appearance—the design of Apple products is pretty phenomenal. Whether we’re talking about Apple iPods or MacBooks,  I can honestly say that they embody the design ideal by being simple, intuitive, chic, and pretty (but expensive as well!).

It’s important for me to gain a better understanding of web design best practices and be able to apply them as I’m getting a master’s in the field! More than that, however, it is important for me to become successful at web design because the principles for strong web design apply to everything I may design—whether it’s a brochure, logo, or slogan.  Essentially, web design basics can directly apply to other design projects and will help me in my future, whatever direction my career takes.


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