Web Design/ Developer Tools—Good or Bad?

The instructor of my web design course has filled us students in on a little secret—there’s a tab generator! So basically, instead of learning the code needed to create tabs, I could just generate a custom one. How cool is that?!

Well it is pretty neat and not really the only thing that can help a web designer never have to learn how to code. In fact, there are ready-to-go web templates and other types of generators out there for whatever you need—colors, fonts, forms, etc. But are these helpful or hurtful to web designers?

I think that they are helpful because they save web designers and developers time. But a web designer shouldn’t rely on this and should be capable of creating a tab or whatever it may be without a generator. For increased efficiency I would employ generators if I’m on a tight deadline but would try to do them on my own if possible because that ensures 100% creativity with no confines to generator boundaries.


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